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BWF praise Big Hit Legacy plans

Tuesday 17 January 2017

BADMINTONscotland today received a massive vote of confidence from the Badminton World Federation over their plans to get 30,000 more schoolchildren playing the game through their Big Hit Festivals as part of the Legacy Programme built around this year’s TOTAL BWF World Championships 2017.

The sport’s world governing body congratulated BADMINTONscotland for their “proactive and innovative approach” in introducing youngsters to the sport and held up “the concept of combining development activities alongside major events” as an example for other tournament organisers to follow.

Glasgow is looking forward to hosting its third World Championships since 1997 at the Emirates Arena from 21-27 August but BADMINTONscotland already have their Legacy Programme up and running through the Shuttle Time Big Hit Festivals aimed not just at schoolchildren but also their teachers and sports leaders.

The Big Hit programme fits in perfectly with BWF’s global initiative Shuttle Time, which is showcasing badminton to children, particularly in countries where the sport has yet to be developed to its full potential.

Anne Smillie, Chief Executive of BADMINTONscotland, said: “We are relishing the chance to take the Big Hit Festivals to a new level during the World Championships.

“We expect to introduce 5,000 schoolchildren to the sport during the 21 sessions earmarked at the Championships but, on top of that, it gives us the chance to train young volunteer sports leaders from our partner schools so they can help run the sessions under the guidance of our established coaches.

“Just as important, and running in tandem with the Festivals, we will provide a career-long professional learning (CLPL) training course to teaching staff who accompany their children.

“It isn’t just about getting the youngsters playing badminton but also equipping the older pupils and their teachers with the means to sustain the Legacy for years to come.”

David Cabello, BWF Chair of Development and Sport for All Committee, said: “The Shuttle Time Big Hit Festivals will provide an excellent opportunity for children to experience badminton, while also giving them the opportunity to be inspired by watching some of the world’s top badminton stars in action during the World Championships.

“The concept of combining development activities alongside our major events is very interesting, and is something the BWF and other event organisers will follow with great interest. I would like to congratulate BADMINTONscotland for their proactive and innovative approach to development and hope the 5,000 children and many school teachers enjoy their Shuttle Time experience.”

The TOTAL BWF Badminton World Championships 2017 will be staged at Glasgow’s Emirates Arena from 21-27 August.

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